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Try a  Lesson ONLY $19.95   Includes TaeKwonDo Uniform!

Welcome to Dragon K Martial Arts!


Find out about all of our exciting martial arts programs, including Taekwondo & Hapkido classes for Children, Teen & Adults, and Families.

Customized Learning 

At Dragon K Martial Arts we offer:

- Experienced and highly motivated staff
- Age specific classes for children, adult, and families
- Positive & encouraging atmosphere promoting a 'can do' attitude.
- Discipline and self control training.
- The skills to change your life!

learing to respect others....

Learning and practicing Martial Arts is a great way to learn and respect your own body and mind and realize we must respect all others around us. As you put time to hone your skills you develop patience and self-confidence.

2022-08-11 (2).png
"Taekwondo saved my life...."

I not only got into a better shape but learned to be confident and dependable and repect all people. It completely changed my life for the better and I can't thank Master Kwon enough...

(Jack T)

"Master Kwon is the best teacher...."

He is a great teacher and funny at the same time. 


(Julie L)

"I was really shy when I first started..."

I was afraid and shy when I first started but now I have so many friends I practice and compete with. I really love taekwondo and can't wait to go to the class every single day!


Summer Y


Learn to Tie Your Belt

Learn to Count in Korean

Common Korean Terms

Used in TaeKwonDo